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"I'm really Happy"

I've been here since the end of July now and haven't had any issues with the building or the management whatsoever. The concierges, building management and contractors have been friendly, approachable, responsive and respectful in all of my dealings with them.
The repairs reporting service, FixFlo (? I think that's its name) I find to be a very efficient system, I've used it a few times for small issues that have been rectified quickly and the communication has always been good. Everyone from the estate agent through to my neighbours have been great. I'm really happy with the price I pay given the location, quality of the apartment, servicing and security.


  • Norfolk House 1 - brilliant accommodation at good rates, the service moving in was exceptional and any problems I had were address straight away. Would recommend this company to anyone.
  • The fantastic team at Urban Bubble made moving into my new apartment a breeze! Modern and well looked-after accommodation which won't burn a hole in your pocket.
  • Adam Kirwin
    Great on-site facilities and really close to town and universities. The kitchen and bedroom are both vary spacious and modern-looking. The staff are always very polite, helpful and fun to be around.

    Adam Kirwin 
    Adam Kirwin
  • Jane Smith
    Norfolk House 2 - Great location, always clean and well maintained, fast response with emails from staff and good onsite facilities. The concierge has saved my life on numerous occasions! It’s a great place to live.
    Jane Smith
  • John Smith
    I live at Queensland Place and so far I am really enjoying it so far, no problems. My Studio is spacious and well equipped, the building is lovely and well positioned. The staff and facilities are amazing.

    Conor Ransome
    John Smith
  • Jane Doe
    So far I have loved living in Queensland place, my room is always warm and cosy, bar a couple of marks on walls the flat is clean and well looked after, the WiFi and tv work great, and there’s always someone in reception if I need any help.

    Alana-Mia Riley
    Jane Doe